There is No Crisis that Content Marketing Can’t Resolve… This is How

During a crisis, in this case, a pandemic, brands tend to turn on the panic mode. Forget content marketing, which, regretfully, is not a concern in the region. Brands hit the brakes on marketing spend, questioning the value of marketing rather than their approach to it.  In a world dominated by seemingly effective and efficientContinue reading “There is No Crisis that Content Marketing Can’t Resolve… This is How”

How to Align Content with your Marketing Objectives

Content has been gaining ground in the last few years and while the conversation about engaging content and various content types is on-going, brands still need to add marketing objectives to the mix. The truth is, content that doesn’t serve objective is ineffective regardless of its engagement levels. Your content marketing strategy helps you defineContinue reading “How to Align Content with your Marketing Objectives”

How to Perform Content Audit for your Website

You have built or maybe updated your website. You understand the importance of content to rank on top of search pages and you are consistently posting. So what is wrong? why is your content not achieving its target. There is only one way to know and it is about time you do it. Audit yourContinue reading “How to Perform Content Audit for your Website”

A New Perspective: Content on Top

2020 marks a new decade for digital marketing. Over the course of the last 20 years, the industry has developed, new platforms emerged, and kings throned and dethroned. And while content was always named the deserving king, the industry is yet to practice what it preaches. Looking at the industry landscape it is obvious thatContinue reading “A New Perspective: Content on Top”

8 Useful tools for Content Marketing

Along the journey of content marketing you will need some useful tool to help you understand your current performance, how to improve it and to keep your finger on the pulse. Below are some tools that will prove useful along the way. SEO Tools Google Analytics Use Google Analytics to understand your audience, the websiteContinue reading “8 Useful tools for Content Marketing”

10 Content Marketing Tactics to Harness Data in 2020

Looking at the past decades the power of data has found a number of ways to materialize and prove, beyond doubt, the impact of marketing on changing behavior, forming decision and writing history. But data alone is ineffectual, it is only with content marketing that it can achieve its full potential, for content marketing isContinue reading “10 Content Marketing Tactics to Harness Data in 2020”

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

At heart the content marketing strategy is an answer to your typical 5WH questions. Who, what, where, when, why and how. It might sound easy, but it does require a certain set of skills to find the correct answer to your questions and achieve a solid content marketing strategy. First Step: Audit Start by understandingContinue reading “How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy?”

What is Content Marketing and Why is it Important?

At the turn of the “decade”, it is about time to redefine content marketing in a fresh, applicable and practical perspective. For years now, content marketing has been abused, underestimated and fatally misunderstood. Content Marketing is the Umbrella To set the record straight it is essential to understand what content marketing is not, so youContinue reading “What is Content Marketing and Why is it Important?”