All you Need to Know About TikTok Ads

Despite the controversy happening around the restrictions and banning of the video sharing app, TikTok managed to become one of the most downloaded apps with more than 800 million users globally. At such a growth rate, TikTok for Business was anticipated, the premium minimum budget however, is driving small to medium business with limited budgetsContinue reading “All you Need to Know About TikTok Ads”

There is No Crisis that Content Marketing Can’t Resolve… This is How

During a crisis, in this case, a pandemic, brands tend to turn on the panic mode. Forget content marketing, which, regretfully, is not a concern in the region. Brands hit the brakes on marketing spend, questioning the value of marketing rather than their approach to it.  In a world dominated by seemingly effective and efficientContinue reading “There is No Crisis that Content Marketing Can’t Resolve… This is How”

How to Align Content with your Marketing Objectives

Content has been gaining ground in the last few years and while the conversation about engaging content and various content types is on-going, brands still need to add marketing objectives to the mix. The truth is, content that doesn’t serve objective is ineffective regardless of its engagement levels. Your content marketing strategy helps you defineContinue reading “How to Align Content with your Marketing Objectives”

7 Mistakes Brands Need to Stop Committing on Social Media

Social media is a science. Many small business owners think they could manage their brand’s social channels just like they manage their own personal account leading to lethal mistakes. Post As You Go For brands, posting without a proper strategy is a waste of time and resources. A strategy helps you identify your audience, andContinue reading “7 Mistakes Brands Need to Stop Committing on Social Media”

How to Perform Content Audit for your Website

You have built or maybe updated your website. You understand the importance of content to rank on top of search pages and you are consistently posting. So what is wrong? why is your content not achieving its target. There is only one way to know and it is about time you do it. Audit yourContinue reading “How to Perform Content Audit for your Website”

The Social Agenda: Social Media in Light of 2020 Trends

The trends in social media are changing the entire landscape, pushing brands to rethink their strategies and tactics. New questions are coming up and the answers are subject to trial and error as the social world moves into untested waters. New Metrics We are moving into a world without likes. With Facebook and Instagram toyingContinue reading “The Social Agenda: Social Media in Light of 2020 Trends”

Are Social Media Influencers Worth the Investment?

The right answer to this question is not every social media influencer is worth the investment. Actually some of them can have a negative effect on your brand, those un-influencers. Followers, engagements and likes, are the data that most marketers use to choose and report on influencers marketing, but in this case they are notContinue reading “Are Social Media Influencers Worth the Investment?”

How Reputation Management Can Cushion Hits During Social Media Crisis

It could happen to anyone. You might wake up one day and find your brand under attack on social media due to an unfortunate event causing reputational damage that can cost you millions in PR efforts to repair. Reputation management should start before crisis occur to cushion your brand against expected and unexpected hits. TakeContinue reading “How Reputation Management Can Cushion Hits During Social Media Crisis”