7 Content Marketing Techniques You Can Learn from Apple

In anticipation of Apple’s event tonight, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the hashtag #AppleEvent is the most trending on twitter. What is interesting, however, is the content marketing strategy that Apple follows, summarized by letting its audience do the marketing. 

Apple bases its strategy on seven different techniques. Here they are: 

Staying Behind the Scenes 


Building Community 

User-Generated Content 

Knowing their Audience 

Creating The Buzz

Inspiring Story 

Let’s dig into these techniques in details.

Staying Behind the Scenes 

Unlike most brands, Apple has shied away from the use of social media channels. They rarely post anything on their accounts. You might think that this is due to a lack of a social media strategy, but in-fact not posting is their strategy. 

You will notice the same pattern in their communication. Apple’s press releases do not mention Apple at all, and they barely look like a press release at all. 

Reputation Management 

The reason Apple feels confident about not contributing to the social media space is they have built a good reputation among their users that they became their advocates. 

Apple users will rise to the occasion when a negative comment or review crosses their path. Additionally, they benefit from a loyal audience that will purchase their product, despite any mishap that might occur. 


A supportive community is a brand’s best friend. Apple induces a sense of belonging among its users, creating their image as creatives and broad-minded people who dare to “Think Different.”

Apple’s community is ready to provide great customer experience through its Apple Support Community, where users can learn, share, and get recognized, according to the community page. By bringing its users together on its platform, Apple can avoid paying for social media channels and being hostage to changing algorithms.  

User-Generated Content 

Apple relies on user-generated-content to promote its products. Unboxing Apple iPhones are some of the most-watched videos on Youtube. 

Thinking beyond the purchase point, Apple designs the customer experience that it builds an emotional connection with its users that they would like to share with the world. 

Knowing your Audience 

Apple has been a trendsetter in the technology fields when it comes to promoting its products. While most tech companies will focus on product specifications that are difficult to understand unless you are a technology expert, Apple focuses on the identity and lifestyle of its audience. What will an iPhone or a MacBook say about them? 

Creating The Buzz  

Apple has surrounded itself with secrecy since its inception and let others create the buzz around it. Closer to the date of its events, bloggers and news outlets go crazy with anticipations and following leaks, as Apple keeps everything hush-hush. The buzz around apple’s iPhone 12 started even before the invitation to the live-stream was sent out with rumors and memes spreading like wildfire. 

Inspiring Story

Like all great brands, Apple understood the importance of storytelling. With Steve Jobs inspiring entrepreneurs around the world with his design and marketing capabilities. His unforgettable presentations for the MacBook, iPod, and iPhone were one of the main reasons behind Apple’s success in marketing. 

Finally, it seems like Apple is looking into diversifying its content with the launch of Apple TV and several shows and series. Whether this strategy will work for them remains to be seen. 


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