Do you have $1? Let’s work on the Dollar-a-day Facebook Ads Strategy

One Dollar Facebook Ads

 The dollar-a-day Facebook Ads strategy is an affordable way to get your brand and products seen by a wider audience with a very low budget and effective results. All you need to do is to create videos and identify the ads that are working for you by continuously test and optimize them. 

The most powerful single content object that you can produce on Facebook is a one-minute video. Three perspectives of videos should be created for a better dollar-a-day Facebook Ads strategy that will help divide the budget into 3 categories across the marketing funnel. The first one is Awareness, explaining Why, the second one is Engagement explaining How, and The third one is Conversion explaining What.

 The next step will be producing 3 videos of each perspective and running 9 videos a day. This is called 3*3 grid of greatest hits. By making this exercise, you will be able to track the most and least performing videos as well as the highest ROI. 

What is the Dollar-a-Day Facebook Ads Strategy?

The Dollar-a-day is the crown-jewel of Dennis Yu’s social marketing strategy and internationally recognized lecturer in Facebook marketing who was featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the LA Times. In an interview with Devon Hennig, Dennis said, “you don’t need to spend a fortune advertising on social media to generate significant ROI. Instead, you should test your content for $1/day to determine which posts perform best and then grow gas on the fire. Basically, by using dollar-a day you are letting the system do the work for you”.

What does the Dollar-a-day strategy look like?

 In the awareness stage, if you are targeting B2C business try to target fans of an influencer in that space, however, if you are targeting B2B business try to target VP’s, C suite, and directors, avoid targeting mid-level employees.

How to build an Ad Sequences to Re-target audience?

To set up retargeting campaigns, you need to set up a separate audience and retargeting them via average view time and views. For instance, if a person watched 10 sec at least of awareness then you can let them watch a video of engagement then conversion. However, if a person watched less then 10 sec of any of the given categories then you have to let them watch videos 2 or 3 of the same category.

How to make a compelling video?

A video of 1 or 2 minutes is more effective than a link to a 500 words article with the same content. A video should speak to your audience, covers a topic that connects with them on an emotional level as the best sale is education personal stories, it must lead with a hook in the first few seconds and it has to be short and designed to be understandable even without a sound.

Finally, to check the effectiveness of the campaign, focus on actionable metrics such as click-through rate, cost per click, cost per view, and cost per engagement. Document your progress by writing things down, take screenshots, and create checklists that when followed can replicate this tested success.


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