How to Align Content with your Marketing Objectives

Content has been gaining ground in the last few years and while the conversation about engaging content and various content types is on-going, brands still need to add marketing objectives to the mix. The truth is, content that doesn’t serve objective is ineffective regardless of its engagement levels.

Your content marketing strategy helps you define the content you need based on your marketing objectives. Start with defining your objectives. What are you hoping to achieve through this content. Below is a chart of common marketing objectives that most brands have in place and can be tracked along the marketing funnel.

Your next step would be to identify your content goals and having them side to side against your marketing objectives.

Content goals can be:

  • create interest
  • build trust
  • customer interaction
  • educate
  • convince
  • engage
  • drive up-sell

Once you have decided on content goals, you can consider the content types to achieve your goals.

For example to educate you will need to have reports, expert blogs and maybe podcasts. To engage you will look into videos, images and infographics. To build authority and trust you will need in-depth thought leadership articles…

Last step is identify metrics.

How do you know your content is achieving its goal. You will need content metrics to help you gauge performance. Look for common indicators such as, page views, time spent on page, shares, referrals and bounce rate.

Align your objectives, next to your content goals and your metrics and you will be able to measure, how your content is performing against your marketing objectives.


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