7 Mistakes Brands Need to Stop Committing on Social Media

social media mistakes

Social media is a science. Many small business owners think they could manage their brand’s social channels just like they manage their own personal account leading to lethal mistakes.

Post As You Go

For brands, posting without a proper strategy is a waste of time and resources. A strategy helps you identify your audience, and what they are interested in and when they are going to be online. Based on this data, you will be able to identify your relevant channels, what type of content you should be posting and what are the best times to post.

Standard Answers

Being on social media is about creating relationships. In relationships you get personal and you don’t rely on standard prepared answers. If your neighbor is complaining about loud noises at night, you don’t say thank you for your feedback. You start by admitting your error and promise them it won’t happen again.

Ignore your Audience

Engagement is an important metric for marketers, and often they will write their content to prompt responses and comments. Taking the first step is good, but you will need to follow up. You need to acknowledge comments, even the bad ones, and reply to them professionally to show that what your audience says matters.

Skip the Funnel

Awareness is the first step of the marketing funnel that will ultimately lead to the conversion that businesses need. Skipping the awareness stage can be fatal. Imagine trying to approach someone of social channels and trying to sell them something, their first response will be, “I don’t know you”. People don’t trust strangers, this is why you should start by spreading awareness before you move on to the next level.

Be Rude

Not all customers will be happy customers. People may complain about your product or service, they might be rude and annoying. You don’t get to be. It is as simple as saying you understand their frustration and you listen to their complain. This is how you build trust.


It is understandable, when small business owners are trying to juggle many things, including social media, that posting will suffer and will not be consistent. Audience and social channels reward consistency. A social media plan, and a scheduling tool can take you a long way.

One Post for All

Different social media channels cater to different audience. Your message should be relevant to your audience. What might work for facebook will not work for LinkedIn. You cannot copy one text and paste it across all channels.


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