A New Perspective: Content on Top

2020 marks a new decade for digital marketing. Over the course of the last 20 years, the industry has developed, new platforms emerged, and kings throned and dethroned. And while content was always named the deserving king, the industry is yet to practice what it preaches. Looking at the industry landscape it is obvious that the importance of content is realized, but it is not yet fully comprehended.

Marketers are increasingly interested in content, however it is often simplified and misinterpreted into the obvious – another blog – and by doing so, limiting the powers of a king to a few posts a day. To really harness the power of content, it is time to place it where a real king should be: on top.

Placing content at the heart will not happen overnight and will require a certain level of awareness. In this area, the region is still behind. Globally, more companies don’t have a written content strategy than those who have. On the other hand the majority of medium to large businesses show an interest in investing in content. This, for one, should raise a red flag, investing without a strategy is a recipe for disaster. On the plus side, it is a clear sign of the growing awareness of the importance of content.

The next step will be to do it right. From a content biased perspective, it can be done right only by throwing the old strategies out of the window and allowing content to set the strategy and lead the way, ie. A new perspective.

Following two decades, the marketing industry is in need of disruption that goes beyond AI, VR and AR, it is in need for a fresh perspective, a new way way to look at things that is capable of merging all the aforementioned trends, but also drawing a path to optimum adoption through a unifying strategy.

Content marketing can lead the disruption needed to a new wave of effective marketing, where we start relooking at the non-traditional and otherwise traditional marketing and start living the real meaning of content is king.


Published by Bassema Demashkia

Transforming the world one word at a time

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