10 Content Marketing Tactics to Harness Data in 2020

Looking at the past decades the power of data has found a number of ways to materialize and prove, beyond doubt, the impact of marketing on changing behavior, forming decision and writing history. But data alone is ineffectual, it is only with content marketing that it can achieve its full potential, for content marketing is the way to make sense of data and new trends.

Below are 10 content marketing tactics that you should start adopting in 2020 to harness the power of your data.

Focus on Winning

Your data can point you out in the right direction. You can find the best performing article on a blog, most shared post on social media, the email you sent with highest opening rate and much more. Content marketing will allow you to take this knowledge further. Focus on the best performer and build on it. Turn it into different content types and share it in different format, create similar topics that are resonating with your audience.

Hone your Targeting

Let’s face it, no one wants to a cooking video ad on Youtube to interrupt while listening to music, no matter how yummy is that recipe. A better ad to display here is a music app ad. Use your data to understand your audience, which platform are they using at what time and what are their preferences.

Embrace Content Marketing

Let 2020 be the year that you reconsider your marketing strategies and embrace content marketing as the future of the industry. It is not a one-off campaign or a pass trend, it is the way forward to turn data into audience focused strategies.

Start the Journey

The marketing funnel is becoming an increasingly controversial topic, whether you see it as a top to bottom funnel , an hour-glass or a circular relationship, it is a journey that you need to take your audience through, data highlights the way, content marketing drives the journey.

building relationship content marketing
Build Relationships

Through the data driven journey you have the great opportunity of building relationships with your audience by understanding their pain-points and addressing them. Find out the communities that are relevant to your audience and to your brand and become a part of this community; ready to offer a helping hand when needed.

innovation in content marketing

A beginning of a new year is really the ideal time to throw old concept and ideas out of the window and start experimenting with new things. Instead of obsessing about traditional marketing jargon, experiment with the data you have at hand, use it for content marketing, include VR/AR and AI, and merge platforms to come up with your unique formula.

Align Content with Marketing Objectives

It is really not as complicated as it sounds, jot down your marketing objectives, figure out the content that will help you achieve your objective and start working on that content.

global warming fire earth
Associate your Brand with What Really Matters

Data shows that Issues such as global warming, hunger and diseases are a growing concern. Associate yourself with what matters to your audience, show transparency and be ethical with your business. Establish your brand as an advocate for the environment and for human rights in every aspect of your business.

Collect Feedback

Feedback and referrals are the way to go. With a growing interest in growth hacking among startups the shift in metrics is moving into referrals, while giants such as Youtube and Apple are looking at up-selling through new paid services, driven by CLV metrics. It is time to incorporate these objectives and metrics into your content marketing strategy.

authority content marketing
Establish Authority

Providing a product or a service is no longer enough for your brand to survive. You have to establish authority through thought leadership and become the trusted source of information and data. Finding your niche and establishing authority within this window will help build trust and therefore recommendation and even buying at a higher selling price.


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