What is Content Marketing and Why is it Important?

At the turn of the “decade”, it is about time to redefine content marketing in a fresh, applicable and practical perspective. For years now, content marketing has been abused, underestimated and fatally misunderstood.

umbrella red content marketing
Content Marketing is the Umbrella

To set the record straight it is essential to understand what content marketing is not, so you may grasp the breadth and importance of content marketing. For one, it is not another way of marketing. It is however the starting point of any efficient marketing effort your brand might have, be it digital or non-digital it must all start with content marketing as a broad umbrella that every other form of marketing will automatically fall under.

content marketing journey
Content Marketing is the Journey

The reason for this idea that we are advocating at CMB, is that if you look at other marketing efforts and channels, be it social media, websites, digital advertising, email marketing, and all other marketing channels, these are all a part of the journey, while content marketing is the journey that comes along with the map.

With content marketing you start thinking about a strategy, and translating your thoughts into research and then putting your findings on a piece of paper to refer to every time you are about to launch a campaign, or come up with a content calendar.

content marketing bridge
Content Marketing is the Bridge

Along the journey, content marketing acts as a bridge connecting the different marketing channels, the audience and the brand to communicate the brand story through a comprehensive user journey, making sure it is continuous, relevant and moving in the right direction through the infamous marketing funnel.

science of content marketing formula
Content Marketing is the science

Content marketing is not a one size fits all, and therefore you cannot present similar ideas to different brands and expect similar results, it is a science that needs to take multiple factors into consideration to come up with a unique formula that has the best chances for success.

trailblazer content marketing reputation advocacy thought leadership
Content marketing is the trailblazer

Most importantly content marketing is not a tool whose sole purpose is to increase sales. While conversions remain an important target, content marketing helps you achieve this target paving the way by building reputation, advocacy and thought leadership, metrics that are proving more important than a single purchase.

In a Nutshell

To define content marketing you have to redefine the aging marketing model that existed for the past decades and perhaps proved effective with a less demanding audience. Today, audience understand that knowledge is power, and they demand this power. As a brand you will be handing them this power through content marketing. You will want your audience to come for this knowledge on your platform. The sooner you realize the inevitability of content marketing, the more is your resilience to the changing landscape.


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